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Adventures in Education
My job isn't as dangerous as a cab driver's, at least not yet.
Yes, I'm well aware that the Internet is connected between the various States, whether U.S.- or nation-. However, I still find it wildly cool that I can connect to the Internet while my daughter drives our minivan (no snickering!) through the Iowa rain. Thus this post.
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So, last week I weighed in at 200 pounds, down over twenty pounds from my peak in mid-July. Last Saturday I made a bit over three and one-half miles at a ten-minute-mile pace on the treadmill; when I started on the treadmill in August I couldn't make one-half of a mile at a fifteen minute pace. I'm content with the improvement, and this is both the longest distance and best pace I've ever run in my life, but my sixteen-year-old daughter ran cross-country this fall, and in her first race (they run three miles) broke a ten-minute pace; her best time put her at just over an eight minute pace - and she started running a month after I did.

I'm proud of her like whoa!, but envious, too.
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If you've never been - or heard of - Ice Blocking, you should know that it features the very essence of awesome: summer days, green grass, sledding, and grown adults tumbling down a hill. But see for your self: pics behid the cut!!

Pics of me Ice Blocking!Collapse )

Serious Hilarity!
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The subject says it all.
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What happens to the blood a vampire drinks? Does it get digested? Absorbed?

How does the blood they drink get used up - where does it go? Is conservation of matter violated, or do they have some kind of unholy digestive process? Why do they keep needing to drink more?

The focus of the discussion should, of course, be Buffyverse vampires, but any non-Twilight varieties may be considered. Spike's penchant for booze and Buffalo wings is unrelated and should be avoided except for illustrative purposes.

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Because my wife cares about my daughter's grades and is willing to enforce consequences if she doesn't bring them up.

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You know how you're supposed to be essentially paralyzed while you're dreaming? Well, it turns out that sometimes the paralysis fails, which explains sleepwalking and related behaviors.

This hasn't been an issue for me until last night, when I had to punch someone* for shooting me with Nerf dart guns. Unfortunately, for some reason my paralysis failed and I hit the headboard of the bed full-strength. I'm left with a rather surreal memory and a couple scrapes and a little bit of swelling on my right hand, and I'm glad I didn't have any leverage, as I almost dislocated my index finger.

*A current student of mine, who was inexplicably wearing Big Bird's head.

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I am currently suffering from near-terminal boredom. That is all.

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I waited until the "stimulus bill" passed to post this, but our superintendent announced a couple weeks ago that the federal aid to our district will closed the budget gap for this and the next school year, so he's not going to try to consolidate the high schools, at least not immediately.

I've kept quiet about this, because I believe that consolidation is inevitable in the next few years, and will probably be good for students in the long run.
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The Peoria Journal Star is reporting today the district administrators are proposing to the shcool board that Woodruff High School be closed effective the 2009-2010 school year.

Now, I'm not at all worried about whether or not I'll have a job - I have suffient seniority for that to not be an issue for me - but I am concerned about our students, especially over the next few months. I'm sure many alums will be hurt by this, and more if it actually happens, but the next few weeks and months will be really tough on our current students.

In typical district fashion, even my principal heard it on the news; even she didn't get the basic courtesy of a heads-up over the phone, let alone a personal meeting. Typically evil behaivor on the part of our district administration and political leadership.
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